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Chairish will keep 30 percent of your profits, unless you sell 10+ items, which will reduce the commission to 20 percent. While that’s a bit high, if your furniture fits this collection, it’s more likely to reach an audience that will pay top dollar for it. Gazelle sells all types of phones, from iPhones to Samsung to Google phones. As more of a buyback program, sellers send in their phone, answer some questions about their device on the website and receive an offer directly from Gazelle. Charlene Boutin is a B2B writer for hire specialized in creating compelling case studies, blog posts, and converting copy for digital entrepreneurs and SaaS businesses. When not writing, she can be found prototyping weird games in Unity or playing on her Nintendo Switch. But when done right, you can have a profitable ecommerce store without needing a website.

Before they make the decision to purchase, you need to serenade them. Because ecommerce can reach international buyers, WhatsApp will allow you to communicate with phone numbers from anywhere in the world. See how clear this makes it for any potential buyers? You see a product you like on a post, you read the caption, you follow instructions to order. You’ll be able to customize the form and link to it right from your Instagram bio. Form submissions will go directly to your Getform dashboard, where you can view and download them at any time. You can also choose to get notified about new orders instantly via email.

You must send your book in within five days of the offer. Charish is an upscale furniture seller, so make sure to check out their guidelines to see if any of your antique or unique pieces fit their curated collection.

NO, you don’t need to be a marketing god to sell beats and make a living. This is a dual program accepting all textbooks, novels, nonfiction books, and more. You can choose to use the buyback service or marketplace, where a 15 percent commission from your sale provides you with shipping credit and no annual fees. BooksRun is a program most often used for textbooks and claims it will offer much better prices than your campus bookstore. It will also take academic supplemental materials like access codes and workbooks.

Selling From Website

It also offers multiple opportunities to promote your ebooks, including distributing them over different stores. Blurb gives you reliable tools to create that perfect ebook. You can create reflowable ebooks or fixed layout ebooks and blurb will automatically format the book for you in your choice format. You can sell the books to different markets, including Blurb, Amazon, and Apple iBooks Store. As I teach in my book, “The Bedroom Super Producer”, there are websites out there that take away all the hard work I have just talked about. Unless you find all of the above fun and are curious enough to educate yourself nights and weekends on this information, do not waste your time putting together a beat-selling website.

Plus, you’ll be able to communicate with your audience much more easily, which is great to build a fanbase early on in your business. They’ll also tell you how many posts there are for this hashtag. If you only use hashtags that contain millions of posts, you’ll compete with too many other people to get any significant attention. If you use hashtags with little to no posts, then chances are, nobody is searching those terms. Captions aren’t just meant to tell potential buyers how to purchase from you.