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A set of skills engaged in everyday activities are metacognitive skills, which are associated with intelligence and enable individuals to be successful learners. Non-transferable skills place limitations on their applications to specific types of jobs, industries or sectors of the economy, thus limiting the number of jobs on which they can be applied. One example would be certain types of computer skills pertaining to a specific type of software or program. Examples of transferable skills would be social skills, working well in groups and with others, etc. A transferable skill set involves skills that are very sophisticated and personal/intellectual achievements that are more attuned to professional behavior than a list of competencies. This specifically includes disciplinary content, disciplinary skills, workplace experience, workplace awareness, generic skills, etc.

One of the most important components of the employability process involves continuous self-assessment and evaluation of one’s skills, compared to what is in demand at any given time. From the ongoing, life-long process perspective, employability is not a final product since the individual keeps improving her/his skills until retirement age or an age where the individual deems further skill advancement is no longer necessary. Employability can be thought of as a product in a specific point in time, however , over time it is a process. Another set of skills that is both soft and transferable is the cultural competence of the workforce. This refers to an individual’s ability to work harmoniously and productively with people from other cultures as the labor force becomes increasingly diverse.

The most frequently used current sense, denoting “the economic system of a country or an area”, seems not to have developed until the 1650s. Economic activity is spurred by production which uses natural resources, labor and capital. It has changed over time due to technology, innovation such as, that which produces intellectual property and changes in industrial relations. Interpersonal skills are the behaviors and tactics people use to interact with others effectively. Unskilled labor is a segment of the work force associated with low skill level or limited economic value for the work performed. As a concept, flexicurity holds that job flexibility and security are not contradictory nor mutually exclusive.

The term “informal sector” was used in several earlier studies, and provides been mostly replaced inside more recent studies designed to use the newer term. Inside the economies of modern buyer societies phase there is usually a growing part enjoyed by services, finance, in addition to technology—the knowledge overall economy. The contemporary concept regarding “the economy” wasn’t typically known until the Usa Great Depression inside the thirties. and referred to a certain mass of barley which often related other values within a metric such as sterling silver, bronze, copper etc. A new barley/shekel was originally the two an unit of money and an unit of weight, just as the British Pound was originally an unit denominating an one-pound mass of silver.

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Thus, the combination of job flexibility and security produces “win-win” outcomes for both employers and workers/employees that results in reduced unemployment. Additionally, further training and specialization may limit one’s employability for other jobs. As a process, employability is an ongoing, life-long investment in marketable and gainful employment, which does not stop until an individual’s retirement.

Transferable skills are high-order skills that enable someone to select, adapt, adjust and apply other skills to different situations, across different social contexts, and across different cognitive domains. Transferable skills can be utilized in almost any type of job or profession and do not limit someone to a specific type of job or industry, which means that a transferable skill is one that can be taken from one type of job and applied successfully to another job. Those skills can be improved and enhanced and they are external to and independent of, the education/academic process.