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Building Your Own Social Median Advertising Strategy For 2021

More and more of the other channels mentioned above have become avenues for video, in the same way that they have for written content, and it’s becoming an ever-more vital part of the mix. A producer will reach out shortly to explore video ideas for your brand. Think creatively about how to further your video’s reach and effectiveness. If you want more exposure, sharing your video on a new channel could help. Luckily, most video hosting platforms give you a wealth of information and tons of insights in real time. Sometimes those insights are enough, but because you’re distributing your video in different places, you don’t want to limit your data to just one source. Keep an eye on those crucial watch metrics (views, view-through rate, impressions), but also focus on metrics like return visits and repeat purchases.

These will show you just how trusted your brand is, and how successful your video is at delighting post-purchase. View count is important here, but so is your number of unique visitors and brand awareness and recall lift. Luckily, most video hosting platforms share these data points, so they should be easy to come by. Lifts in viewer perception are a little more difficult to find, but are often measured by surveys or quick questionnaires on platforms like Facebook and YouTube.

Marketing Strategy

If they’re reputable, they’ll ask the right questions to determine what’s needed to make your website a magnet for your market. They’ll look at your site design, color meaning and color psychology, how your content reads, the technology your site is built on, how your competitors stack up, and more. Realize that the sales funnel is only a part of the customer journey. According to Hubspot, at any given time, only 3% of your market is actively buying. It’s smart to work on your foundation before implementing any marketing tactic.

That is, provided you approach it considerately, with your readers’ desires in mind. In other words, when you send emails you’re entering others’ personal space, so you want to be respectful.

Content that helps them find answers, solve problems and feel better. If you’re not sure that your site sends the right message about you, consider hiring an expert to have a good look.

You’ll be able to choose the right marketing qualification criteria to evaluate the efficiency of every marketing campaign. Well, this is a good question which points to a common marketing mistake. Which means you’d create a different proposal for every market segment you want to prospect and use different approaches. Up until the pandemic, there was nothing to suggest that speaking and taking stands at conferences had lost any of its power as a marketing channel. It remains to be seen how behaviours will change in the aftermath of repeated lockdowns, but it seems likely that events will retain much of their power. Video content is experiencing explosive growth, and professional, focused B2B video is becoming ever more key.

In Step 3, I mentioned that your traffic is coming to see your content. You see, the people who land on your site have hope in their hearts. They want you to win them over with high-quality content that’s easy to understand.